Today there are hundreds of companies that are seeking your business. So, why place your business with Noble Marketing Partners?

NON CAPTIVE - You are free to maintain any current affiliations. Both our agreement, and FanAdvisors agreement state that your clients, and any associates you develop, are yours. Your are free to take them with you if, for whatever reason, you decide to leave NMP.

OWNERSHIP - If an associate incorporates, all commissions, including those from FanAdvisors, can be paid to the corporation. If the associate retires or passes away, as long as one other member of the corporation is licensed, the commissions will continue to be paid.

NO QUOTAS - Only 1 in 4 who enter the financial services industry end up making it a career. You can begin part time, without the pressure of a commission only income. You can stay part time forever, or you can transition to full time. Regardless, neither NMP or FanAdvisors will ever place a production quota on you. No longer will your compensation and/or fees be determined by your production.

BROAD PRODUCT LINE - NMP offers one of the broadest line of products in the industry today. Studies show the more products a client has with you, the longer you retain them. Additionally, the more solutions you have, the more likely at least one will meet a need the client has, thus increasing your chance of adding them as a client. You aren't in the insurance, investment, or mortgage business. You're in the financial services business. Offer the broadest array of products possible.

NMP Partners

NON LICENSED PRODUCTS - NMP has four products that can be marketed without a license: trusts, merchant accounts, corporations, and Life Lock. This allows you to earn income immediately, while obtaining your licenses.

ONE CONTRACT - NMP believes once you are capable of handling a transaction from beginning to end, you should be compensated fairly. We have only one, competitive personal contract. No longer is your contract based on production levels, length of time in the business, or the discretion of a company or manager. Whether you've been in business one week, or ten years, you're on a level playing field.

LOW FEES - The costs to maintain licenses and appointments continue to rise in the financial services industry. At NMP, we charge an initial $20 processing fee, and a recurring $5 monthly fee. If you're 65/66 licensed, FanAdvisors charges a flat $50 a month fee, deducted from your commissions. Other than your life/health license fees, and any E&O insurance (typically less than $600 annually), that's it.

NO OUTSIDE OFFICE REQUIREMENTS - While you are free to maintain an office, it's not required by the insurance departments, nor the SEC, thus we don't require it either.

AGENCY BUILDING - Some associates are suited to personally developing clients. Others desire to build a general agency. Whatever you're comfortable doing, you're welcome at NMP. For those who want to find, train, and supervise other associates, NMP has an agency building system, which will pay them overrides of up to 30% to do so. With proper licensing, there are no territories, so you can build anywhere in the 50 states, and Washington DC.

RECURRING INCOME - The financial services industry for decades has been a commission generated industry. To earn a living, you were always on the treadmill of making a new sale, to generate new income. While important to generate new clients, generating recurring income gives you freedom to take time off, and enjoy what you've worked so hard to build. With merchant accounts and the advisory business, NMP has two strong business lines that can produce significant recurring income to you and your family.

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