NMP provides you two services for your clients who are business owners, or have a need to protect their personal assets.

Incorporating is the first step to protecting a business. Your clients may need help in determining what type of corporation they need, or what state to incorporate in.

Additionally, you may have clients who are paid through 1099 income, or they have rental or investment property. Without incorporating, they place all their personal assets at risk in case of a lawsuit.

NMP is a referral affiliate of The Company Corporation. They have been in business since 1899 and are A+ rated by the BBB. They offer all types of corporations, are able to help in all 50 states, have a $50,000 corporate veil guarantee, and can even provide registered agent service. To learn more, click on their link below.

Rising costs continue to pressure small businesses. A recurring cost of up to 3% or more each month, is the cost of processing credit/debit card charges (merchant account).

NMP has partnered with PayRoc, in an effort to help you reduce the cost your business clients pay. PayRoc handles over $1.5 billion in annual charge volume, and is able to reduce the processing fee in 85% of the merchant accounts they compare. To learn more, click on their link below.

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